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Ryou Bakura

Name: Bakura Ryou (Bakura).
Age: 'bout 15 or 16.
Height: 176cm (5'8).
Weight: 52kg (114lbs).
Blood Type: AB.
Millenium Item: Millenium Ring.
Millenium Item Spirit: Ancient Egyptian Tomb Robber.
Siblings: Older sister Amane (deceased), Father.
Deck type: Occult.

Ryou was transfered to Domino High and he is very kind and sweet. His father gave him the Millenium Ring believing it was his destiny to have it. It gives him the power to change people into game pieces for his favourite RPG style board game called "Monster World". But the ring also has a dark presence residing inside of it, a tomb robber from Ancient Egypt whose goal is to claim all the millenium items as his own. This spirit, who is known as Yami Bakura, "takes over" Ryou at times without warning or permission.

Ryou had an older sister Amane who died from causes unknown (I've heard it was a car crash *shrugs*). It is rumoured that Yami Bakura has a facination for her. His father is not shown in the series except for a brief flashback during the Duelist Kingdom series. (In the original ONLY do you see that flashback!!)

Ryou Bakura is a quiet and nice person. He is the owner of the millennium ring. He is a transfer student at Domino High School. In the show he is much of a loner. However, from a few pictures in the manga we can tell that Bakura is quite popular among girls, he just doesnt seem too interest in them.

"When we first meet Bakura we know right away he is a soft spoken and gentle person. He was quiet but he was awfully nice. He does have many friends but he seems to be in every way mellow. He is also pretty good looking and so, basically, he is destined to be loved. The author of Yugioh probably expected that too because he made sure we know Ryou Bakura is normally a really nice person. Bakura is destined to be one of the favorite characters among fans.

However, as shown by countless anime characters white haired characters tend to have a darker side. As I said before Bakura is the owner of the millennium ring. His father is an archaeologist and during his trip to Egypt he bought ring at the market from an Egyptian merchant. I think the merchant told him the ring can grant wish or something like that (I am not a hundred percent sure about this fact). Anyway at the end Bakuras father gave the ring to Bakura who wore it everywhere.

The ring gives Bakura a second personality, like Yugi, Bakura has a Yami. However, unlike Yugi, Bakura has no control over the spirit inside the ring. Whenever the spirit takes control Bakura (seem to) just falls into a dreamlike state and he has no idea what so ever happened during the period with Yami Bakura is in control. Bakura does know something is happening, of course, but that is only from the fact that he wake up at places he didnt go. Why Yami Bakura blocks out the normal Bakura when he is in control can be argued. It may be that he wants no interference from the real Bakura. Or perhaps, in a way, it was Yamis Bakuras unconscious way to protect Bakura, after all its probably better for Bakura not to know what Yami Bakura was up to I would also point out that Bakura is one of the only person Yami Bakura semi-cares about. There times when Yami Bakura said that he would not let anything happen to Bakura. However, it might only be because he doesnt want anything to happen to Bakuras body, the one he is staying in.

Unlike Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura does not act as Bakuras guardian. While Yami Bakura does not share the wish to obliviate the world with Yami Malik (thank god), he is not a really nice spirit either. The millennium ring has many powers and Yami Bakura does not hesitate to use them. The powers include riping souls from their bodies and in the anime, summoning duel monster card to the real world. The ring pointy ends also points toward millennium items. Yami Bakura wants power and so his ultermate goal in life is to obtain the seven millennium items. As you might imagine, this goal surely bought a lot of trouble to the real Bakura. Earily in the second series of anime (the one shown in America) Yami Yugi duelled Yami Bakura for his friends souls. Yami Yugi won, of course, but Yami Bakura was not banished forever, instead he came back soon afterwards, plotting to get Pegasus millennium eye.

Yami Bakura has a thing about blood and self-mutilation. He seems to be thirsty for blood, literarily and physically. Many times in both the anime and manga we see Yami Bakura eating meat and licking blood. In the manga after Yami Bakura obtained Pegasus millennium eye he happily licked the blood off it. Yami Bakura also stabbed himself many times through out the manga, and unfortunately while Yami Bakura enjoys the pain the real Bakura himself does not.

Later in the series Yami Bakura pledge alliance with Malik (not Yami Malik, just the real Malik). Unfortunately later on in the series Yami Bakura was defeated by Yami Malik in a dark duel even though Yami Bakura has normal Maliks full support. The loser of the duel, which as stated before was Yami Bakura, was to dissapear into the darkness, supposedly, forever. However dont worry, fan girls, he reappeared when Yami Malik was defeated, after all the author of Yugioh would never kill one of his most successful character just like that.

In Ancient Egypt Bakura was a great thief. He was not exactly a really bad person by nature, but hatred changed him into a pretty evil guy who only want revenge on the Pharaoh, in other words, Yami Yugi. Right now, in the manga series, we see Yami Yugis memory. In other words we also see Bakura. And Bakura wanted to destroy Egypt or so it seems however, the story is far from over so we will have to wait and see what will happen.

One interesting thing about the millennium ring is that I seems to refuse to leave Bakuras side. A few times Bakura tried to throw his ring away but it always return back on his neck. Some people think that perhaps the real Bakura subconsciously doesn't wish anyone else to suffer what he goes through. However I have another theory. Bakura is a lonely person. He might have friends like Yugi, Tea, Tristan and Joey but as much as we hate to admit it, the truth tehy were never really close friend with Bakura. He doesnt have friends that truly understand him. In away, as long as Bakura has the ring he would never be truly alone because of Yami Bakura. So perhaps Bakura keeps the ring because he felt lonely.

The confusing thing about Bakura is we really have no idea when Bakura is really Bakura or whether its Yami Bakura in control. Sometimes Yami Bakura would act nice just to trick others also Bakuras card deck consisted of almost demon cards. A players deck is suppose to represent someones personality we can easily see how the deck represent Yami Bakura but how does the deck represent Bakura? Does in represent how Bakura has many inner demons? Or does in shows us Bakura is not really who we thought he is? Lastly, Bakuras favourite card is change of heart."